Pinnacle Contracting Group has been at the forefront of reimagining and upgrading on-campus student housing to meet the needs of 21st century higher education. This four-building, state-of-the-art residential complex sets a new standard with single to four-bedroom suites. The complex holds computer labs, laundry facilities, a mail center and a technically sophisticated meeting room with a warming kitchen and stone fireplace. Located adjacent to the University’s award-winning student recreation center, the East Campus Village buildings embody the community ideal.


University of Georgia Real Estate Foundation

Scope / Components

Design/ Build

  • 505,000 sf
  • 1,220 beds suite-style
  • 427 units
  • New parking structure
  • Multi-function meeting space, mail
  • Facility, convenience store, 24-hour desk,
  • Administrative and maintenance offices
  • One study room per floor