Delta State University’s Foundation Hall was part of a two-community development and consists of a single three-story building with 184 units and a total of 362 beds. Careful consideration was placed on the orientation of the new building footprint and how it relates to the campus-at-large, to evoke a village setting.

The new Residence Hall relates to the existing campus through architectural detailing and planning efforts, building upon a unifying thread of design elements that responds to Delta State University’s campus context and strengthens the identity of Delta State’s image.

Niles Bolton Associates was teamed with Ron Matthews (Pinnacle Contracting Group, LLC) on this project.


Delta State University

Scope / Components

  • 362 suite style
  • 64 faculty apartment beds
  • 216 total units
  • Reception Lounge
  • Study rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Landscaped plaza areas